If your baby is colicky, then sleepless nights and restless days may have you feeling desperate for a solution. Crying is natural and almost all babies do it, but when something is not right the crying can be ceaseless. The lack of sleep and peace take a toll on a parent’s ability to feel sane. Watching a baby suffer is one of the hardest things in the world – actually, it’s the hardest. Perhaps you have tried traditional remedies to soothe your child and nothing seems to be helping. Have you considered the possibility that a headache, neck or back pain may be causing your child to cry? Chiropractors in Muskegon are having success treating colicky babies.

Chiropractic adjustments for children and infants are very different from adjusting adults. Very gentle adjustments can clear up misalignments or restrictions in an infant’s spine. When the motion of the spine is restored this way the nervous system can function as it is supposed to and healthy development is back on the right track.

Many parents remark how that even after a minor, gentle treatment at Stachowicz Chiropractic, their child breastfeeds better and they cry less because they are more comfortable. Once the child’s nervous system is fully functioning, they have the best chance to grow to their full potential.

If you have a baby at home, or one on the way, call our team at Stachowicz Chiropractic in Muskegon, MI today to talk with one of our doctors and to start your child on the path of healthy development.

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