Ear Infections

Ear infections in childhood are all too common, but that does not necessarily mean they are a normal part of the growing process. It is common to think that ear infections are caused by a bacterial infection and to run straight to your doctor or the hospital assuming antibiotics are needed. Ear infections are only caused by a bacterial infection about half of the time, and those caused by viral infections will not respond to antibiotics. Ear infection and ear pain are difficult to diagnose because the symptoms, including pain, loss of sleep and appetite, vomiting, difficulty hearing, and fever are often the same regardless of the source.

If your child is experiencing chronic ear infections that do not respond to antibiotics, there may be an underlying structural problem, which could be corrected with chiropractic treatment. Call Stachowicz Chiropractic in Muskegon, MI today to discuss how chiropractic may be able to help. The team at Stachowicz Chiropractic is ready to help!

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